Student Scholarships to Learn Languages

Getting student scholarships to study languages in a private school may be difficult, but it's certainly not impossible. Studying language is the best way to get insight into a foreign culture, sort of like a backdoor entry if you will. It may also be spurred by a desire to assimilate into a particular society for reasons only known to yourself. Whatever the case, it is guaranteed to be an interesting journey. However, since private schooling costs an arm and a leg, a lack of funds may hinder your hopes and aspirations. Figuring out ingenious ways to achieve your goal is all about thinking outside the box and doing your research, as you have clearly done.

Extra information about student scholarships

Demand Fueled Learning

The Chinese economy has seen a recent surge in interest from several countries and investors because of the vast potential it holds for them going into the future. This is a good place to start digging. Companies, organisations and countries wishing to have a foothold there are rolling out hundreds of scholarships every year to prospective students. In such instances, language is studied alongside a professional qualification for the purpose of subsequent incorporation into the available workforce. The flip-side to that is, it works both ways. English is fast becoming popular amongst Chinese nationals who also see something to be gained out of interacting with a free world whose predominant language is English.

Membership To Scholarly Associations

You may not have heard of the Golden Key International Honour Society but it's basically a non profit organisation whose membership is based on academic merit. Only the top 15 of a particular college program are inducted into this society in their first year of study. You must be wondering, "Where's the catch?" Well, membership puts you at the forefront of any open scholarships at select institutions. Put simply, your membership gets you in! There are more organisations of this nature, they just differ in terms of jurisdiction.

Research! Do Your Homework.

A lot of private schools offer scholarships as a way of 'giving back to society'. Most of these actually have a percentage contribution deducted from the tuition fees of regular students. These contributions are then placed into a fund and used to award deserving prospective students. So don't sell yourself short just because you come from a disadvantaged background. Just go through the websites of the schools you have earmarked to attend, you never know what you'll stumble upon.

BursariesScholarships Knowing The Difference

Finally, it is important to know the difference between a scholarship and a bursary. They carry more or less the same meaning -financial assistance based on merit or disadvantage- but there are a few subtle differences. A scholarship is awarded to students who excel in sport, academics or any of the various arts. It is usually designed to cover ALL that a student requires, including accommodation. On the other hand, a bursary is based on what your parents can contribute. This kind of assistance therefore differs in the nature and extent of financial support given, which is usually on a sliding scale.

Knowing these differences allows you to have a true appreciation of what you're getting into.